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The Nation: Food For All

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The Nation: Food For All, Honest Fare by Gabrielle Arnold

The Nation’s latest issue is all about food.

We need radical thinking, but we don’t need a revolution. We don’t need an overthrow of capitalism. Nor do we need to become vegetarians. We need not become spartans. We’re just going to have to learn how to cook.

~ Dan Barber

Makes sense to me.

* Alice Waters: A Healthy Constitution: Waters calls for an “edible education, not just school lunch reform” but one that “integrates classroom instruction, school lunch, cooking and gardening.”

* Dan Barber: Why Cooking Matters: Barber says we need to “democratize the carcass” by looking at “the great food cultures of the world.”

* Dave Murphy: An American Right to Food: He’s the founder of Food Democracy Now! Tries to connect shopping organic and local to a “common destiny” and something about Americans reclaiming “our right of self-determination.”

* Grace Lee Boggs: Detroit’s Quiet Revolution: On the local food movements in Detroit, growing food in vacant lots, etc.

* LaDonna Redmond: Food is Freedom: On food activism, changing the food system, and access to vacant land in urban communities.

* How to Grow Democracy: A forum on “food democracy.” A collection of related pieces written by several contributors.

Get your hands on it or read the it online.

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