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Portland's Food Cart Scene (featuring my mom!)

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Portland's Food Cart Scene (featuring my mom!), Honest Fare by Gabrielle Arnold

The food cart scene is super official in Portland. Korean, Malaysian, Middle Eastern, Peruvian, Vegetarian, Bosnian…all kinds of these food carts set up in one area downtown (like carnies or something…but not at all). It’s all restaurant quality stuff, just way cheaper and more casual. Take this tamale for instance. It was fresh and steamy, corny and organic farm cheesy, and I bought it out of a truck. Well, a cart.

Everyone gets into the food carts there. Even my mom! Who just so happens to featured in this NY Times report by the Frugal Traveler (this guy who goes around reporting on thrifty gems and bits of character from city to city). Anyway, it’s a very cool report. You should probably watch the video to hear all about it…and to see my mom. This is her face frozen on the screen. Not very flattering, I know.

Also, here’s the link to the video on the NY Times site as well in case you want to see more from this The Frugal Traveler guy.

AND, here’s a link to Portland’s official food cart website.

P.S. We need food carts in Orlando.

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