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Beet Pesto Pasta. And a giveaway for this lovely ceramic dish! A pasta recipe in honor of the Italian made ceramic dish that you have a chance to win!!!

Beet Pesto Pasta. And a giveaway for this lovely ceramic dish!, Honest Fare by Gabrielle Arnold

A new recipe AND an awesome giveaway – what a way to start the week! I’m sure you’re all curious about the giveaway so we’ll start with that.

One of you will win the gorgeous serving dish/casserole featured in this recipe.  (Well, not this exact dish, you’ll get a brand new one.) It comes to us from VIETRI, a family owned company that imports handcrafted ceramic tableware from Italy. This particular item is from their Bellezza Collection.

* Sorry, this giveaway has ended. But continue reading for the recipe! *

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New life for stained kitchen linens…And this 4-piece knife giveaway! How to transform tattered kitchen linens with a little Rit dye. Plus, enter to win an artisan knife set!

New life for stained kitchen linens…And this 4-piece knife giveaway!, Honest Fare by Gabrielle Arnold

I have three goals this Labor Day weekend.
No 1
Have a cocktail at dusk and sit, waiting for the end of summer night air to roll in.
No. 2
Be in a bathing suit.
No. 3
Clean out my car.

I’m all about at least one productive activity per holiday weekend. So if you feel the same, here are a couple fun and productive options for you!
No 1.
Enter to win an artisan knife set from New West KnifeWorks.
No 2.
Get creative with this kitchen linen dye project.

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Yaya’s tortilla española of summer squash. My grandmother's traditional Spanish recipe featured in Food52's Heirloom Column!

Yaya’s tortilla española of summer squash., Honest Fare by Gabrielle Arnold

We all have a soft spot for at least one meal or recipe. These are the dishes we’ll never get tired of and the ones we carry with us throughout the years to share with the special people in our lives. Could be cornbread, could be eggplant parm. And sure, we love and repeat these dishes because they’re that good, but maybe it’s also about the time period in our lives or the season they represent. And in some golden cases, it might even be for the person they remind us of.

My soft spot is for Tortilla Española. I grew up eating my yaya’s (grandmother in Catalan) traditional Spanish version of the omelet, so sharing this recipe feels like a tribute to her and her influence on me. Yaya could knock out a tortilla like it was nothing and I remember always being so fascinated by the way she’d effortlessly flip that thing right in the pan, cooking it perfectly on both sides…

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Sweet Corn & Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream. Happy summer everyone! Here's an ice cream so creamy you'd never know it's egg free.

Sweet Corn & Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream., Honest Fare by Gabrielle Arnold

Nothing says summer like corn. Running your teeth across juicy, sweet corn on the cob; getting it all over your chin and jammed between your front teeth for hours to come – that’s what I’m talking about. This stuff is insane. Yes, it tastes like corn, but it’s not weird or savory at all. The sweet and creamy corn flavor is subtle enough to keep it from being off putting and the little bits of corn give such great texture. I decided to layer in a simple strawberry sauce to brighten it up even more with a summer fruit component. I think it’s a perfect match…

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Crispy Smashed Potatoes. Sweet yukon gold potatoes, wilted green onions & simple red pepper parmesan sauce.

Crispy Smashed Potatoes., Honest Fare by Gabrielle Arnold

I love potatoes. Aside from sweet potatoes, these baby Yukon golds are definitely my potato of choice. Just look at them – so tempting with their golden hue. Simply roasted in the oven and topped with a little salt, pepper and olive oil is my favorite way to eat them. There’s just something so soothing about the texture of a warm and tender potato. And is there anything better than a nice crispy potato skin?

A rustic preparation like this is the best because it’s full of flavor, easy to make and impossible to screw up. I oven roasted these little Yukon’s whole with the skin on until nice and crispy and then smashed each one open by gently pressing with the back of a wooden spoon. It was actually quite fun and satisfying to feel each one pop, revealing a pleasantly sweet and creamy inside. They’re topped off with roasted green onions and a red pepper parmesan sauce that I had to hide from myself to keep from eating with a spoon. It’s that good.

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Homemade Hot Sauce! Mild kiwi, tomatillo, green chili, jalepeño. Spicy hot carrot, tomato, red chili, scotch bonnet, habanero.

Homemade Hot Sauce!, Honest Fare by Gabrielle Arnold

These are super easy and quick to make so don’t worry about having time to do it if you want to make them for this weekend. My goal was to make a couple hot sauces (a mild and a hot) with good flavor. It’s easy to make a hot sauce that burns, but it takes a little figuring out to get some nice flavor to shine through in there as well. Accomplished it!
We’ve got two recipes here:
1. A mild hot sauce comprised of green chili, poblano, serrano and jalepeño peppers for heat and tomatillo and kiwi as nice cooling agents.
2. A spicy hot sauce made from red chili, scotch bonnet and habanero peppers, with carrot and tomato as the nice savory base.

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The Honest Fare Apron Collection. Happy to announce Honest Fare aprons in the shop now! 100% cotton, made in the USA.

The Honest Fare Apron Collection., Honest Fare by Gabrielle Arnold

Surprise, surprise my friends! Honest Fare has undergone a slight redesign to freshen things up a little. But, in even more exciting news is the launch of the Honest Fare Apron Collection and online shop, just in time for Mother’s Day!

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Magical Celery Bisque (vegan)

Magical Celery Bisque (vegan), Honest Fare by Gabrielle Arnold

I find it amazing how a bisque can transform the most meager of ingredients into a bowl of decadence. Take celery, for instance. Not everyone’s favorite star ingredient, nor is it exactly hailed for it’s deep and rich flavor, but let the bisque work it’s magic and you might change your mind about things.

Unfortunately, bisque usually implies butter and cream – which is partly what makes them so delicious, but also the reason they’re not that great for you and tend to be pretty heavy. Vegan bisques are better I guess, but a lot of those use a ton of vegetable oil or fake non-dairy cream stuff as a substitute, which isn’t not particularly nutritious either. I find the fake dairy stuff oily and weird anyway. The point being, bisques are as fattening as they are delicious and I just can’t get passed that. Enter Silken Tofu as our rich and creamy substitute that’s actually loaded with protein and we’ve got a truly magical bisque here…

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