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Pretty Provisions and Notes from the Kitchen

15-minute miso veggie soup. Purple & sweet potatoes, tofu, spinach and seaweed in a miso ginger broth.

15-minute miso veggie soup., Honest Fare by Gabrielle Arnold

Patience is a virtue in most cases. But when it’s cold outside and all you want to do is heat your body up from the inside out, well in that case, patience is basically irrelevant. So because I am the biggest wuss in Florida and possibly the world when it comes to cold weather, I make quick soups. Soups that taste amazing and take less than 20 minutes to make. This one comes together in about 15.

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Festive Kale Caesar Salad. Light, eggless Caesar dressing with homemade anchovy butter croutons.

Festive Kale Caesar Salad., Honest Fare by Gabrielle Arnold

What’s green and red with white all over? A kale Caesar salad of course! Well, I must be in the holiday spirit because this unintentionally came out to be the most festive looking salad of all time.

Love Caesar salad. Hate the calories though. Here we have a healthy and seriously delicious alternative to those traditional Caesar dressings that are loaded with fat from egg yolks, cheese and lots of oil. This one is made of Greek yogurt (protein!), olive oil, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, a touch of parm cheese, agave, salt and pep. I did add in one anchovy fillet for smoky flavor, but feel free to omit if you have any qualms because it’s great either way. I’m very impressed with how fantastic this Caesar-like dressing came out – you won’t miss a thing about classic Caesar!

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Happy Holidays Sale! Free Domestic Shipping and an additional 10% off Honest Fare Aprons.

Happy Holidays Sale!, Honest Fare by Gabrielle Arnold

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Get 10% off all orders today through Friday, Dec. 6 AND free domestic shipping for the rest of the month! Regular international shipping costs still apply, but you do get the 10% off this week.

Happy shopping!

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Cranberry Skillet Cornbread. For the Thanksgiving table or a perfect use for all that leftover cranberry sauce!

Cranberry Skillet Cornbread., Honest Fare by Gabrielle Arnold

With Thanksgiving just a couple days away, I’m sure many of you already have your menus set, but you probably don’t have plans for your leftovers just yet. Luckily, I’ve got this recipe for cranberry skillet cornbread – perfect to unload your remaining cranberry sauce into!

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Aloha Muffins with Macadamia Butter (gluten free, vegan) Pineapple, coconut, oat muffins with macadamia nut butter. Inspired by my recent trip to Hawaii!

Aloha Muffins with Macadamia Butter (gluten free, vegan), Honest Fare by Gabrielle Arnold

I know it’s Halloween week and I should probably be sharing some kind of spooky treat, but the truth is I’m not really feeling all that…uh, goolish at the moment. I just got back from an incredible trip to Kauai, Hawaii, where it’s warm and wild and breathtaking at every turn, so the thought of dressing up for Halloween is the farthest thing from my mind. What a chore that would be. I just can’t be bothered – so instead, I’m holding on to the warmth and the island flavors of Hawaii, which sound a hell of a lot better than costume make-up and miniature snickers. I hope you’ll enjoy this Hawaiian treat instead of a Halloween treat this year!

This recipe is inspired by the abundance of fresh fruit and coconut we ate there and the macadamia nut butter that’s so popular all over the island. The muffin is gluten free (made with oat flour and oats) and uses coconut milk and oil instead of butter. The vegan macadamia butter is a simple blend of roasted macadamia nuts, agave and coconut oil.

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Beet Pesto Pasta. And a giveaway for this lovely ceramic dish! A pasta recipe in honor of the Italian made ceramic dish that you have a chance to win!!!

Beet Pesto Pasta. And a giveaway for this lovely ceramic dish!, Honest Fare by Gabrielle Arnold

A new recipe AND an awesome giveaway – what a way to start the week! I’m sure you’re all curious about the giveaway so we’ll start with that.

One of you will win the gorgeous serving dish/casserole featured in this recipe.  (Well, not this exact dish, you’ll get a brand new one.) It comes to us from VIETRI, a family owned company that imports handcrafted ceramic tableware from Italy. This particular item is from their Bellezza Collection.

* Sorry, this giveaway has ended. But continue reading for the recipe! *

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New life for stained kitchen linens…And this 4-piece knife giveaway! How to transform tattered kitchen linens with a little Rit dye. Plus, enter to win an artisan knife set!

New life for stained kitchen linens…And this 4-piece knife giveaway!, Honest Fare by Gabrielle Arnold

I have three goals this Labor Day weekend.
No 1
Have a cocktail at dusk and sit, waiting for the end of summer night air to roll in.
No. 2
Be in a bathing suit.
No. 3
Clean out my car.

I’m all about at least one productive activity per holiday weekend. So if you feel the same, here are a couple fun and productive options for you!
No 1.
Enter to win an artisan knife set from New West KnifeWorks.
No 2.
Get creative with this kitchen linen dye project.

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Yaya’s tortilla española of summer squash. My grandmother's traditional Spanish recipe featured in Food52's Heirloom Column!

Yaya’s tortilla española of summer squash., Honest Fare by Gabrielle Arnold

We all have a soft spot for at least one meal or recipe. These are the dishes we’ll never get tired of and the ones we carry with us throughout the years to share with the special people in our lives. Could be cornbread, could be eggplant parm. And sure, we love and repeat these dishes because they’re that good, but maybe it’s also about the time period in our lives or the season they represent. And in some golden cases, it might even be for the person they remind us of.

My soft spot is for Tortilla Española. I grew up eating my yaya’s (grandmother in Catalan) traditional Spanish version of the omelet, so sharing this recipe feels like a tribute to her and her influence on me. Yaya could knock out a tortilla like it was nothing and I remember always being so fascinated by the way she’d effortlessly flip that thing right in the pan, cooking it perfectly on both sides…

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