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Farm to Table Ceramics

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Farm to Table Ceramics, Honest Fare by Gabrielle Arnold

Dutch designers Atelier NL have blown me away with their ceramic collection Drawn from Clay. Each piece was made from soil taken from different farms in the Noordoostpolder region of the Netherlands.

Artists took up residence in the area. Collected soil from the farms. Mixed that soil with water to form malleable clays. And then created the plates and vessels upon which they serve each farm’s produce. It definitely takes the whole farm-to-table concept to another level.


“We wanted to make tableware so that the vegetables prepared for dinner could be served from vessels made from the same soil the vegetables came out of,” explains designer Lonny Van Rijswijck.

I’ve been focusing a lot more on my ceramics these days—something I’ve neglected because life, job and blog tend to eat up a lot of my time. And ever since I made the conscious and out loud decision to get my butt back on the wheel, it seems like I’m finding inspiration everywhere I look. Their site is worth a visit.