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Pretty Provisions and Notes from the Kitchen
gabrielle arnold honestfare.com

gabrielle arnold honestfare.com

Hello, I’m Gabrielle. Everyone calls me Gabi. I started Honest Fare in Feb. 2009 because I love to cook and feed people (including myself). Honest Fare is all about the the simple art of food preparation. For me, that’s turning a fresh set of ingredients into something beautiful in both flavor and appearance. What you see here are the culinary experiments that come out of my nothing-special kitchen in Winter Park, Florida. It’s never anything too fancy, just food that looks as good as it tastes and doesn’t require too much thinking.

All these recipes are pretty straightforward for the home chef of all levels, but feel free to get in touch via email or comment if you get stuck or have any questions at all. gabrielle{at}honestfare{dot}com

I co-own La Empanada Food Truck , with my dear friend and business partner Janelle. Our cute little (well, at 24 feet long, she’s actually pretty massive) food truck specializes in gourmet empanadas and soups & salads. If you’re ever visiting the area, please be sure to come by the truck and introduce yourself!

I added the Honest Fare Apron Collection Shop to the blog in April 2013. I was inspired to design this line of aprons for one simple reason: I basically live in aprons and I can’t seem to find the perfect one.

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Between this blog and our food truck, I’m in an apron every day. And I’m not complaining because I’ve always loved aprons and have assumed a pretty large collection of them over the years. Many of my favorites passed down from my grandmother that tell stories through stains of eras I’ve never lived. But, the simple fact is that there’s no sense in getting all romantic about your apron if you have to wear it every day and 90% of the time it’s splattered with ingredients. So I can’t be bothered with the antique delicate ones I love. Those are in the closet and hanging decoratively from hooks in my home kitchen. I tried wearing a more professional style apron, but those get kind of boring and are too masculine for my taste anyway. For a while there I even tried wearing oversized button-down shirts from thrift stores because they were comfy, but the long sleeves were always an issue. Then I finally just said to hell with it and made my own aprons that were stylish and practical. Please take a look at the collection here.